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MY FATHER'S BOOKSHELF    Musician        Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis
OUT OF THE BOX        Lead            Producers' Club Theater, NYC
BORN AGAIN AGAIN        Lead            Artgroup Theater, NYC
L.A. MONOLOGUE SLAM    Finalist            Club Ivar, Hollywood
1x4 PLAYWRIGHTS SERIES    Dad            Sande Shurin Theater, NYC
IT'S UP TO US            John Brown        Chanhassen Dinner Theater, MN 
OLD MAN BRUNNER COUNTRY    Minstrel        Lyric Theater Company, Minneapolis 
HOW TO TALK MINNESOTAN    Russ Renner        Troupe America, Minneapolis
I REMEMBER MAMA        Mr. Thorkelson        Masquers' Playhouse, San Francisco
FOREIGNER            Sgt. LeSeuer        Refreshment Committe, Minneapolis


CREEPSHOW                Mr. Ogman        John Harrison
PEACE IN THE VALLEY            Lead            Tyler Riggs
AGE OUT                Day Player        A.J. Edwards
ROCK ME                Ollie            Jeff Bednarz
OSCAR PISTORIUS: BLADE RUNNER     Co-Star            Norman Stone
LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT    Co-Star (recurring)    NBC-TV
SMARTEST GUY in the ROOM        Co-Star (12 episodes)    HISTORY
AS THE WORLD TURNS            Day Player        CBS-TV   
FIND ME GUILTY            Court Officer        Sidney Lumet
A FORCE OF ONE            Co-Star            Paul Aaron  
ANIMAL HOUSE                Delta Pledge        John Landis

DIALECTS:  South African, Arabic, Australian, Caribbean, Dutch, German, French, Hindi, Swedish,  Russian, Scottish, Mandarin, Irish, Cockney, East African, Persian, Israeli, Southern U.S., Standard British, Chicago, New York City, , Midwestern, Kansas, Minnesotan –and more 

SKILLS:   Fluent German; Dialects; Expert Water Skier, Guitars, Drums, Steel Drums, Medium Tenor; Roller Blades, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Swimming, Conversational French, Swedish, Dutch

TRAINING:  UCLA Theater Arts Department, Los Angeles      
         Jean Shelton School of Acting, San Francisco